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If you're a first time bettor at the horse racing race tracks, the termsand types of bets can really get confusing. Firstly, it is important to familiarise yourself with the horses, the race track and other information that is usually provided by the race tracks. Only after you've done so, you can start thinking about placing your wager.. Just keep in mind, that placing wagers itself is an art . You have to know the type of bet you are going to place. This piece is an introduction to the most common bets that you can make on the race track. Minimum wager at most tracks is only a couple of bucks.

A bet for win, as the name suggests, requires your chosen horse to finish first in order for you to win money A place bet allows you to win when your horse finishes first or second while a show bet means that your horse must finish first, second or third place. When you bet across the board, you are essentially making the three types of bets mentioned above equally: win, place and show. Thus, in the event that your horse wins, you collect on all three wagers (win, place, show). If the horse finishes second you only collect on the place and show bets, and if the horse finishes last, you obviously only win the show bet.

There are several other types of bets as well, these are some of the more popular bets that are placed at the tracks.

In a Quinella bet, the horse that you choose has to place first and second in either order.

As the name kind of suggests, this bet requires your horse to finish first and second in that exact order.

The Trifecta requires your horse to finish first, second and third in order to win.

The Superfecta requires your horse to finish first, second, third and fourht in that exact order.

Daily Double:
The Daily Double requires your chosen horse to finish first in each of the two races that make up the Daily Double race, there is also the Pick 3, which works the same way but requries the horse to palce in three consecutive races.

This is by no means an extensive list of all the wagers you can place, but the more knowledgeable you become, the more you will learn . But if you're still learning the ropes, then those mentioned above should suffice. Now that you are familiar with the common types of bets, it's time for you to place them and cheer your horse home!

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